Painting with Meaning 3: Clarifying Representations

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I’ve heard many people speak of ‘centering’. I’m not sure what they mean.”

“It doesn’t matter what they mean. What matters is what you mean.

We’ve talked before about beautifying representations [<link, medium read]. Another important aspect of the Art of Playful Living is clarifying representations.”

“Aren’t you clarifying by beautifying them?”

“The two complement one another. One is focused on aesthetics, the other on the practical. The latter is guided by the question:

What’s the practice?

“What does your representation look like?”

“Something like this:

The model identifies my Center as the Heart. Both are representational-models [<link, medium read]. The practice is Centerning, by which I mean felt Connection with my Heart, with Love and my beautiful BodyMind, with Gratitude, Beauty and Play.

The practice can also be seen as Balancing – another representational-model –, constantly reestablishing Connection once lost.”

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